We invite you to explore the world of Playswirl, where you are certain to find exquisite and exclusive toys.

Here at Playswirl, we are dedicated and take pride in ourselves with an innovative "Play for Treats" toy. Our goal is to create and produce toys that provide children with an experience; joy of play that is meaningful to the parents, we consider it our duty to deliver products that cater to societies growing needs--promoting a healthy population. Playswirl products provide caregivers a way to inconspicuously control how many treats children consume.

Playswirl products teach value in earning reward. At Playswirl we have a long term commitment to promote healthy development. We believe in the entertainment that serves a purpose and is FUN too!

At Playswirl, toy safety is our number one priority when designing and manufacturing our toys; procedures meet or exceed compliance with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). For more information, please visit the Toy Industry Association website at www.toy-tia.org or the American Society for Testing and Material at www.astm.org.